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I listen (and I have listened) too many things. Here you will find a small list of some music I have heard over the years. I hope to keep it updated, as new things come up:

2003-Present: Chillout/Lounge

Thanks to Industrial music, I became a little more tolerant with electronic music. So now I hear a lot of chill-out and lounge (Hotel Costes, Cafe del Mar, Buddha Bar and so many compilations of the genre)

2001-2003: Trip-hop/Bunbury

I ended up in trip-hop because of Bjork and the Roseland NYC live presentation of Portishead. In the end, I bought both Dummy and Portishead, and got to listen so many other trip-hop bands (Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, etc.)

2001-2005: Bunbury

I was never a real fan of Heroes del Silencio. I had to listen Pequeño Cabaret Ambulante to fall in love with Enrique Bunbury's music. I just love his style. I saw him live in Bogotá (in 2004), and it was a memorable event.

1998-Present: Mr. Trent Reznor

The first song I heard of NIN was a cover of a Joy Division song, called Dead souls and included on The Crow Soundtrack. Yersson told me that was very different from what NIN use to do. Later I heard Burn (from Natural Born Killers), which I found quite heavy for my taste at the time. In 1998 (I guess) I heard Pretty Hate Machine for the first time. That, and the art of Downward Spiral, got me in my own Downward spiral, deep into NIN music.

I still listen NIN every now and then. I have bought as many halos as I could, and I still respect Trent Reznor for what he is capable to do. I would have preferred him to grow the way Bowie did. It was kind of a dissapointment to see the DVD version of All that could have been, and to find him just like he was on the early videos of Pretty Hate Machine.

2001: Bowie!

I was in DC, in a music store, and they were playing this special edition live presentation of Bowie, the third disc in the Live at BBC album. I was knocked out. I asked the clerk what was that, and he told me: David Bowie. I had heard before (in 1998, I guess) 1. Outside (which I loved) and had some memories of the "Black tie, White noise" album. Like everyone else, I had heard Let's Dance, but I thing Live at BBC was my first real contact with Bowie.

Um, this year I also bought (finally) the double pack edition of Mellon Collie.

1998-2004: Dave Matthews Band

I heard Crash when it first came out (what was that, '98 maybe?), but it never really played on the local radio. Such a pity, because So much to say and Two steps were great songs. Then in 2000, I was in Rio de Janeiro and found the Live at Luther College album (just Dave and Tim Reynolds). There I was again, obsessed with that album, playing it once and again. What an amazing work!! I bought later Listener Supported, which kept me busy for a few months. A few years later (thanks to MP3, I have to admit), I got to listen all of DMB albums. It is still one of my favorite bands.

1996: Bjork!

This is a special year, because I discovered Bjork. Thanks to this fantastic radio station (El Mundo Diners, HJE34, 96.3FM -RIP-), I got to listen some music from Post and Debut. by the end of the year, I was becoming a helpless fan of Bjork. Yet, I have to admit Homogenic was the last album from her that I really understood. After that, everything became a blur, and I just couldn't figure out what was she trying to do.

1995-1997: Going hard: Alternative rock / Grunge / Heavy Metal

Thanks to Yersson, I had this shock therapy on Rock and Metal. Some of that I liked, some of that I hated. Bands from this time:

  • Live (Selling the drama, lightning crashes)
  • Collective Soul (the world I know)
  • Radiohead (OK Computer is an all-time favorite!!!)
  • Smashing Pumpkins (Amazing Mellon collie)
  • Stone temple pilots (PLush, but especially Creep)
  • Last Action Hero Soundtrack (first time for so many things: AC/DC, Slayer, Fishbone, Cypress Hill)
  • The Crow Soundtrack: I remember this one because it was the first time I heard Nine Inch Nails, playing Dead Souls, a cover of Joy Division. Yersson told me that wasn't the average NIN. I thought it was a great start, anyway).
  • Gravity kills: Great industrial. Very rhythmic.
  • Foo fighters: The colour and the shape, with memorable songs (to me). Especially Doll, February stars, Walking after you...
  • Sepultura
  • Rammstein

But not everything was rock and metal. I kept listening to spanish rock:

  • Cafe Tacuba (Re is one of the best albums ever made)
  • Los Tres
  • Estados Alterados (Cuarto Acto, an incredibly promisory album. Too bad they became "techno latin fusion" or something...)
  • Charly García (Unplugged)
  • Fito Páez (El amor después del amor)
  • Caifanes

And some unexpected discoveries:

  • Peter Gabriel (Us)
  • October project: Their self-titled album contains some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life. The voice of Mary Fahl is extremely beautiful...
  • Mamas and the Papas: The beginning of my "hippie" phase, sort of... LOL

I guess 1995 is sort of my "Wonder Years" phase...

1993-1995: Beatles!

I discovered the Fab Four on 1992, when someone gave me the Past Masters double LP album as a present. I listened to it once and again. In 1993, I made a tape recording of a collector's box a friend of mine had. That was enough to get me obsessed about the Beatles. Then, in '95, Katzen came along, and made me appreciate them even more. My all-time favorites:

  • We can work it out
  • When I'm 64
  • Ob la di - Ob la da
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • Strawberry fields forever (initially, this song kind of scared me, go figure. Then I got to appreciate it for what it really was)
  • The long and winding road
  • The end
  • I´m only sleeping
  • A taste of honey
  • You've got to hide your love away
  • In my life

And I could keep going and going...


These years have a lot of everything. A lot of commercial pop and rock music, a lot of New Age music, a lot of classical music. Not that much to say, anyway. I guess I kept consuming and learning year after year.

1990: A new beginning

In April, I went to my cousin's birthday party, and I discovered everyone was singing "I've been loving you (forever)", by New Kids on the Block. I had no idea what was going on. I had never heard that song before. I felt so mad at myself, that I began to listen radio stations everytime. I guess this was the year everything changed, and I started to consume music. Initially, most pop than anything else, but it was a start. By the end of the year, I was hearing much more music than my cousins and friends. What a maniac! Some bands/songs from this time:

  • More then words can say - Alias
  • Now that we found love - Heavy D & the Boyz
  • Silent lucidity - Queensrÿche (I'll never forget this live video of this song, where the orchestra lifted from below in the middle of the scenary, just in the middle of the song).
  • Def Leppard

1989: Spanish Rock!

In this year, I started to listen to 88.9 FM, one of the first pop/rock radio stations in the city. I also listened to Tequendama Radio (610AM), which played a lot of spanish rock, sort of the most important trend in 1988-1990. A few bands from that age (from Argentina, Spain and Chile):

  • Los Prisioneros, Hombres G, Soda Stereo, Abuelos de la Nada, La Trinca, Los Toreros Muertos, Charly García, Alaska y Dinarama, Enanitos Verdes

And a few from Colombia:

  • Compañía Ilimitada, Pasaporte, Sociedad Anónima

I listened some classical music in this time, also.

1977-1989: The music of my family:

  • Rancheras (Vicente Fernández, Flor del Río, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Helenita Vargas, Juan Gabriel, Rocío Durcal, Leo Dan)
  • Bailable (Los Hispanos, Los corraleros de Majagual, El Burro Mocho, Pastor López, Cuarteto Imperial, Billos Caracas Boys, Lucho Bermúdez, Sonora Matancera)
  • Baladas (Camilo Sesto, Miguel Gallardo, Grupo Miramar, Leonardo Fabio, Leo Dan, Diego Verdaguer, Amanda Miguel)
  • "Despecho" (Julio Jaramillo, Olimpo Cárdenas, Lucho Bowen, Oscar Agudelo, Alci Acosta)